Le Visage Plus

Le Visage Plus

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Le Visage Plus - Drinkable Type 1 Collagen + Red Grape Seed Ext.+ Vitamins & Minerals (Vit. C, A, E, B5, B12, Zinc& Biotin)

Collagen is the most naturally abundant protein in the body, forming 30% of the entire body and 75% of our skin.

Along with many of its structural properties, collagen is responsible for repair and growth in most body tissues. Gives the skin and lips the appearance of fullness.

Reduces depth of folds and wrinkles.

Reduces lines and cracks of the feet.

Reduces dark circles around the eyes.

Strengthens skin elasticity.

Strengthens and tightens the dangling skin.

Hides signs of fatigue.

It gives an active and mature look.

Helps to shine the face naturally.

Rejuvenates skin.

Colorizes and moisturizes the skin.

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